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RLCraft Install Guide

There are two real easy ways to install RLCraft.
First is using CurseForge and the second is using MultiMC. Steps for both are below.

Firstly CurseForge:

  1. Use CurseForge app found here - - its free!
  2. Install program
  3. Once application is open select Minecraft
  4. The page you'll get taken to has a search bar at the top, search for RLCraft. (Logo of the pack is below . Pack is made by Shivaxi)
  5. Press install and wait for it to completely install.
  6. Launch game and add our server. IP is in our discord server.
  7. Happy Dying... I mean surviving!!

Secondly MultiMC (Requires correct Java to be installed):

  1. Download MultiMC from here - - Select download & install on the left
  2. Open the ZIP file and copy the MultiMC folder you see. Paste this folder on your desktop or anywhere of your choice. (C:\ is also a good place)
  3. Once the MultiMC folder is where you want it. Open the folder and run MultiMC.exe
  4. Once the main window is open. Click Add Instance in the top left.
  5. Give it a name so you know what it is. This is purely for you so it can be anything.
  6. Select Technic from the list on the side.
  7. Select or Search for RLCraft in the window that changed.
  8. Select OK and wait for the install to complete. You'll be returned back to the main screen when complete.
  9. RLCraft is now installed. You can find our server IP in our discord.

Any issues or questions please open a ticket on discord!

Below is the RLCraft logo, please look for this during installs so you know you have the right pack!


Last Updated: 10 December 2022 09:33

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