Improved Fishing - Guide
Lasca 12 March 2023 16:04

Hello Nomads! 

Fishing has gotten much more exciting on the smp, including new fish, tournaments, quests and rewards. This post will tell you everything you need to know about our new fishing system.

The new fish and where to find them!

AnglerfishOceanCarpTemperateKnifefishColdRainbow TroutCold
ArapaimaJungleCatfishTemperateLungfishDryRed GrouperOcean
Armored CatfishJungleCodColdMinnowTemperateRed-bellied PiranhaJungle
BayadDryElectric EelJungleMuskeullungeTemperateSmallmouth BassTemperate
BoultiDryHalibutColdPink SalmonColdTambaquiJungle
Brown TroutTemperateHerringColdPollockColdTunaOcean

What biomes are in each of the areas mentioned above, you ask? Fear not, dear adventurer! I gotchu.

Frozen River |Frozen Ocean
Grove | Frozen Peaks
Ice Spikes
Jagged Peaks | Mountain Edge
Snowy Beach | Snowy Mountains
Snowy Plains | Snowy Plains
Snowy Slopes | Snowy Taiga
Snowy Taiga Hills
Snowy Tundra | Mountains
Snowy Taiga Mountains
Beach  | Ocean
Cold Ocean
Stony Shore
Deep Cold Ocean
Deep Ocean
Deep Frozen Ocean
Warm Ocean
Deep Lukewarm Ocean
Lukewarm Ocean
Stone Shore

Birch Forest + Hills | Dark Forest + Hills
Flower Forest | Forest | Meadow | Taiga
Giant Spruce Taiga + Hills | Gravely Mountains
Stony Peaks | Giant Tree Taiga + Hills | River
Plains | Windswept Gravely Hills
Old Growth Birch Forest + Pine Taiga
+ Spruce Taiga | Wooded Hills
Sunflower Plains | Tall Birch Forest + Hills
Windswept Forest + Hills
Wooded Mountains | Taiga Mountains

Bamboo Jungle + Hills
Jungle Edge / Hills
Modified Jungle /Edge
Sparse Jungle
Mangrove Swamp
Swamp Hills
Mushroom Field Shore
Mushroom Field
Badlands | Badlands Plateau
Desert + Hills + Lakes
Eroded Badlands
Modified Badlands Plateau
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau
Savanna + Plateau
Shattered Savanna + Plateau
Windswept Savanna
Wooded Badlands + Plateau

New Fishing Bag added to the game

Fishing Bag

New craftable bag where you can store all your custom fish. This bag can hold 256 fish initially, but once it's filled up, you'll be able to upgrade it even further!

Daily Quests

Each day you will automatically receive 3 quests for you to complete, the tasks will range from catching 10 carp of any size to catching a specific fish of specific size.
The reward for completing a quest is 1 diamond.


There are several Tournaments setup throughout the week.

Nomad Fishing Hour 
This hour long fishing tournament will occur up to 3 times a day each day of the week. The player who catches the largest amount of a specific fish wins. The type of fish required is selected at RANDOM each time the tournament is started.

The following tournaments run on the specific day and last 1 hour, 2 times a day:

Monday Funday
Goal: Catch the smallest fish of ANY type.

Tuesday Bluegill Bonanza
Goal: The largest Bluegill caught wins.

Wednesday Pollock Madness
Goal: To win this tournament, you must catch the best size/rarity combination of Pollock.

Thursday Piranha Frenzy
Goal: Largest amount of Red-bellied Piranha wins

Friday Bayed Derby
Goal: Best size/rarity combination of Bayed fish

Sunday Tuna Classic
Goal: Largest amount of tuna caught wins.

Saturday Fishing Extravaganza
Duration: 6 hours, starting 2pm EST
Goal: Best size and rarity combination of ALL fish types wins this tournament
Note: This tournament has better rewards than all the other ones.


A chance to fish out a chest containing some items has been added.
There are four levels of rarity of the treasure chest:

You get a 5% chance increase of getting treasure if you're fishing while sitting in a boat or if you have a tamed parrot with you.


You can create a leaderboard using signs as in screenshot bellow.

To create the sign, type [bf] on 1st line, name of the fish on second line, position you wish to display, like so

For additional information please check the plugin wiki at

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