Easter egg hunt!
Lasca 02 April 2023 14:08

Hello Nomads!

It came to our attention that the Easter Bunny has made an early visit to our events dimension and left lots of eggs behind. 

We ask everyone to help with the cleanup of this eggy mess!

How to get there

Head to spawn in the main world and locate the newly built events portal (thanks Jackynumbers and MaceWendu for the lovely build). Go through the portal and spawn in our Easter island.

The Details

Once you enter the Easter Island you will be put into an adventure mode, this prevents you from breaking or placing blocks. You can still pick up Easter eggs!

We ask that you do not use your elytras to make it fair for newer players that don't have one yet. All eggs have been placed in reachable spots, you may use ender pearls if the jumps are too hard.

We recommend to set your spawn at one of the beds inside the spawn room. There are also barrels where you can place your items as a precaution. The likelihood of anyone dying during the egg hunt is very very small, but there is a chance you might encounter a hostile creature, you have been warned!

Explore the island and collect the eggs by right clicking egg with an empty hand. You might have to stand directly next to the egg to collect it. To open the egg and see what's hiding inside simply throw it out of your inventory using the Q key.

 At the end of the event, the person that collects the most eggs gets a special reward (to be announced).

Special thanks to Just_Ju for his datapack magic and allowing this Easter egg hunt be extra special. Also would like to thank you Jackynumbers, MaceWendu and Zaferoo for helping with the egg painting. Massive thanks to Goodtarget_, Jackynumbers, Just_Ju and L33b0b123 for hiding the eggs throughout the island.

This has been such a fun event to plan, hope you all enjoy!

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